If you judged this book by its cover, you have Eric Downs of DownsDesign to thank. He was a dream to work with and developed an amazing and creative cover with precious little direction from yours truly. (Bless him.) Should you find yourself in need of a graphic designer, Eric is your man.

I really do not enjoy having my picture taken, especially when it’s for “professional purposes” or (even worse) “promotional materials.” Gross. But if we’re talking cheesy vacation photos or snapshots of me leaving my favorite watering hole at last call, then count me in. Chris Machian took all the pain out of taking my picture for the book, and the final product doesn’t make me look all that nerdy. Because we’ve been friends since 1995, he has countless incriminating photos I pray never surface on the Internet. Hopefully a mention here will keep those photos forever hidden on his Macintosh.

Where would I be without Cindy Grady and the fine folks at WriteLife? Had it not been for Cindy approaching me first at an Omaha conference and second at an Omaha bar (true story), I likely would still be a no-name blogger writing about my failed attempts in the kitchen and my tremendous fear of The Great Outdoors. With Cindy’s help I have become a no-name author who charges people to read her work. (I’m only kidding. Kind of.) Cindy’s guidance and support has been a blessing and more I could ever ask for.

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